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From beginners to confirmed triathletes, open water swimmers, hobby swimmers or SwimRunners.


-Improve your open water swim technique


-Gain confidence in water


-Improve your swim speed


-Get race ready

These 3x 1h courses in small groups are coached in English by Yan Busset, professional Triathlon & Swimming coach and Head coach at Tri Coaching Finland


Beginners level  (3sessions/ 65€)


You have a little to no experience in open water


You want to gain confidence, improve your technique and the distance.

Maximum 6 participants, Minimum 3 to keep the course.


Confirmed level (3sessions/ 65€)

You are confident with water but you want to improve your technique and endurance for longer swims and get race ready


and/or  You are already an active age grouper and you want to train and learn more to improve your swim speed.


Wetsuit and Swim safety buoy mandatory 


These courses are held in partnership with MAKO wetsuits, participants can rent a wetsuit and a swim safety buoy on request.


Criteria: You must be able to swim a minimum of 200m for the beginners level or 1k for the confirmed level 

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Mondays 17.5-31.5 17-18 beginners level , Kuusijärvi (full)


Mondays 17.5-31.5 18:15-19:15 beginners level , Kuusijärvi (full)

Mondays 7.6-21.6 17-18 beginners level, Kuusijärvi (Full)


Mondays 7.6-21.6 18:15-19:15 confirmed, Kuusijärvi (full)

Mondays 21.6-5.7 17:30-18:30 beginners level, Kuusijärvi (available)

Mondays 21.6-5.7 18:30-19:30 confirmed level, Kuusijärvi (available)